Letters of Recommendation

January 4, 2012

“Athena’s exhaustive experience in management, business and the publishing industry continuously enriches the experiences her customers have when working with her. During my time at WinePress Publishing Group, she exhibited both superlative leadership skills and a down-to-earth attitude that not only related to and served her authors, but provided a foundation and professional relationship that enhanced the collaboration between designers, publicists and project managers alike.”

Joshua Hembree
Graphic Designer, WinePress Publishing Group (colleague)


December 6, 2011

“Athena is one of the most positive, encouraging people I know in the publishing business. She is the kind of business person that will succeed in any venue. As a freelance editor, I would gladly work for or with her, given the opportunity.”

Jeanette Morris
Owner, First Impressions Writing Services (business partner)


December 7, 2011

“Athena leaves her mark through gentle workings and strong foundations. Throughout the time I worked with her at Northwest Christian Writer’s Association, her gentle presence and deep resources brought clarity and focus. She is a person to whom people listen. Her years of work at NCWA are deeply appreciated, as she helped shape the organization as it is today. Her tireless dedication has strengthened the foundations and helped the organization grow.”

Kim Martinez
Membership Coordinator, Northwest Christian Writer’s Association (colleague)


November 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Athena was a pure joy to work with. She cared about me and my work and helped me produce a book that met my expectations in every way. Because of her attention to detail, my book was quickly picked up by a major traditional publisher and turned into a three book deal.”

Trent Mongero (client)
Author, Winning Baseball


November 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Athena, knows her stuff! From concept to seeing your book on the shelf, she has years of experience that put her way ahead of the pack. She is personable and caring in the process while hold firm on integrity and practicality within the marketplace. Athena is the real deal. You’ll love working with her.”

Lana McAra
The Prospect Profiler™ (client)


November 28, 2011

“Athena is a clear communicator who can direct projects and processes with understandable goals. She is a straight forward business woman without pretension and never seems to be frazzled or caught off guard with the many challenges that face small businesses. I truly enjoyed working for Athena and would heartily recommend her in any management capacity in the business world.”

Robert Rogel
Director, VisualStudio.TV, Inc. (colleague)


November 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Athena is person with integrity and strong moral character. She demonstrates professionalism and expertise and it was a joy to work with her as I published my first book. I highly recommend her and know that she will bring a high level of motivation and skill to any task or project.”

Michael Duncan
Author, Starting Out 


November 23, 2011

“Athena Dean was the creative spark, the communication glue, the connective arm, the people attracter, the publicity genius in the early days of WinePress Publishing when I worked with her as editor/writer. Her skills, prodigious output and high energy are easily translatable to any work that requires getting people together, a message out, or interest piqued.”

Inger Logelin
Writer, Logelin Writing Services (colleague)


November 20, 2011

“I previously worked with Athena Dean for a total of three years at WinePress Publishing. We worked closely in sales and acquisitions together for a good portion of that time. Athena is a pleasure to work with, always has a great attitude and is very positive. She is able to work well in a team and brings lots of business knowledge to the table. Most of all Athena is a friend to those she works with whether colleague or client. I would recommend Athena to any company as she would complement any business.”

Greg Gambill
Owner & Operator The Wagon Shop Inc.


November 20, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“I highly recommend Athena as an expert in the world of publishing and sales & marketing. She was my initial contact into a new field; and provided all the tools for success. Her creative approach and work ethic enables her to be an asset in any work setting. Her care and concern for others is a refreshing spirit in corporate America. With her values and entrepreneurial mindset; I know she will be able to “re-frame” her professional career into one of greatness.”

Sue Falcone (client)
Author, Lighthouse of Hope 


21 November 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my pleasure and privilege to know and work with Athena Dean for more than a decade now.  We met as instructors at a writers’ conference near Santa Cruz, California, and have subsequently taught at various other such conferences in California and the Pacific Northwest on a frequent basis.

The comments and responses I have heard from both organizers and participants is that Athena is a caring, knowledgeable, supportive, and creative instructor and mentor.  That has been my personal observation as well, from the opportunities I’ve had to sit in on her classes.

She is a professional through and through, committed to the highest quality in writing and publishing, yet continuously strives to polish and perfect her craft even more.  Her striving for the best she can be sets a great example to others who wish to write and be published, to be taken as truly proficient authors in a highly competitive environment.

I can say without reservation that anyone with interests or aspirations in the fields of writing or publishing, whatever the genre or area, would be well advised to seek out and avail themselves of the wisdom and experience of my friend and colleague, Athena Dean.

Daniel E. Kline
Speaker, Author, Trainer
Eugene, Oregon



July 18, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Athena Dean has my strongest endorsement as your perspective employee.

I worked with Athena for several years on the Enumclaw Downtown Partnership Board.  During the turbulent times when EDP had no Executive Director, Athena did all the day-to-day and social media duties that were required to keep the organization going and so much more.

I also worked closely with Athena during my tenure as Enumclaw Rotary Club President.  Our Club took on the Enumclaw Street Fair that year and without Athena I can honestly say we would never have pulled it off.  She created the budget worked as Chair of the Fair Committee. With the help of a consultant, Athena MADE our marketing and her numerous skills and efforts for this new venture happen in a spectacular way.

When Athena takes on an assignment, she always follows through and does more than expected or required.  She is an extremely hard worker who does quality work. Her dedication and commitment to getting the job done is worthy of notice. Athena is a team player and possesses the ability to work with different people who do not always share common goals or agendas. She is a dynamic leader and a consummate bridge builder and wants everyone to succeed. Athena shows outstanding initiative and is a GREAT problem solver who always sees the job through completion.

There is no doubt in my mind that with Athena Dean’s abilities and skills, she would make an EXCELLENT representative for any organization. I am proud to give her my wholehearted endorsement for Athena Dean. Please contact me at 360 825 4304 if I may help in any way.


Linda Kleppe-Olson
Past President, White River Credit Union


July 8, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of Athena Dean’s acquaintance since 2005. We first met as fellow members of the local Rotary club in which Athena was very active. Later, as I launched a new non-profit organization, I had the opportunity to work with Athena on a professional basis as well, through the business she was running at that time.

In all of my dealings with Ms. Dean, I have experienced nothing short of consummate professionalism and integrity. Her ability to handle multiple projects in tandem, meeting critical deadlines and coordinating disparate schedules and resources make her a valuable asset to any enterprise desiring solid performance and positive customer experiences. On a personal level, Athena has always demonstrated a devotion to empathy, fairness and kindness regardless of the nature of the relationship – or lack thereof.

If you are considering engaging Ms. Dean in your operations in any capacity and would like to speak with me further regarding my experiences working with her, I would welcome your call.


Walt Bennett

Walter M. Bennett, MAT, CPCU
Vice President, Underwriting & Field Operations
Capital Insurance Group


July 18, 2011

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Athena Dean. I have known Athena on a professional level since the fall of 2007. I have since really enjoyed getting to know and working with Athena on community based projects.

In my time working with Athena, I quickly discovered that Athena is a person of dedication, reliability, and loyalty. In 2007, Athena’s position with a local public service organization (Enumclaw Rotary) enabled her to reach out, provide leadership and entrusted in myself for the production of an annual family-friendly community event. Athena was an impeccable supervisor who provided a clear understanding of the goals and mission of the project. She provided an autonomous working relationship that allowed for creativity and a means for expanding a great project. Athena is a motivating individual that has a great business sense of checking indicators of success as projects progress.

One of the admirable attributes that Athena has is her attention to detail. I could always depend on Athena for final review of marketing pieces. I knew after Athena reviewed documents they would be flawless. One thing that I admire about Athena is her consistency and dedication of commitment. I have seen Athena in other community roles and no matter what the project or commitment may be, Athena has always been dedicated and very professional.

I would be willing to further elaborate on Athena’s trustworthy characteristics as I have witnessed and experienced. Without Athena’s trust and leadership in 2007, I would not be in the professional position that I am today. Athena provided detail to my past positions that helped shape my professional attributes.

If necessary, feel free to contact me personally at 253-405-7179 or at renep @ enumclawrhf.org for further discussion. I have no doubt, that if Athena is your top candidate, you will be more than pleased with your selection.


Rene’ Popke
Executive Director
Enumclaw Regional Health Foundation


July 16, 2011

It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Athena Dean to you. I am a colleague of Athena’s from our four years of working together at a non profit writer’s group in the Seattle area. My background includes 18 years of elementary education followed by five years of writing study guides and coaching group communication techniques.

Athena would be a great asset to any company. She is warm, engaging, visionary, and strategic.

From events in her life, Athena envisioned and established a company focused on self-publishing. She also joined a fledgling non profit writers’ group and was pivotal in growing the organization from a handful of people to over 250 members.

Athena consistently shows an ability to easily connect with people and promote opportunities meeting individual needs as well as the organization’s purpose and goals.

For Athena, doing the right thing meant stepping down from a president role to a program director position where she drew on her excellent networking and marketing skills and recruited speakers to improve the quality of members’ development. This decision demonstrated Athena’s flexibility and ability to envision where her influence and expertise best supported an organization’s growth and development.

I believe that Athena will be an excellent fit for any organization. Athena continually demonstrates exemplary skills and results. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at 206-650-4922 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Lorie A. Reichel Howe
Speaker, Author, Educator


July 19, 2011

To Whom It May Concern;

I have known Athena Dean for over 8 years.  We have worked together on several projects for the promotion of Downtown Enumclaw, and I have also gotten to know her through her business venture at Winepress Publishing and until recently, as a client.

In that time, I have found Athena’s judgment, morals, decision making process and work ethic to be above reproach.  She holds herself to a high standard on any project that she tackles.

Athena will be a great asset to any company that appreciates her ethics.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss Athena with anyone who has further questions via phone or email.


Tony Truax

Tony Truax Insurance Agency, Inc
State Farm Insurance
1108 Cole St
Enumclaw, WA  98022
Tony @ Truaxins.com


July 18, 2011

To Whom it May Concern;

I have had the privilege of knowing Athena Dean for many years. We first became acquainted when we served together on the Enumclaw Downtown Partnership (EDP) Board of Directors. The board consisted of successful business owners and Athena was no exception. Her time management skills allowed her to take on extra responsibilities such as Chairperson of the Economic Restructuring Committee. As the Chairperson, she oversaw countless programs that were a direct benefit to the downtown merchants. The development and publication of the “Experience Historic Downtown Enumclaw” magazine is just one example of the many things that was accomplished under her leadership. During a period of transition between EDP Executive Directors, Athena took on additional responsibilities to make sure the EDP ran smoothly during the transition. Athena is one of the hardest working individuals that I have ever worked with. As a board member of the EDP, she worked tirelessly to get projects done.

I also have had the opportunity to work with Athena as a fellow member of the Enumclaw Rotary Club. Rotary is an organization that functions on teamwork and desire, two traits that Athena definitely possesses. When our local Chamber of Commerce decided they did not want to organize our local street fair, Athena saw an opportunity for Rotary. Athena found an event planner, rebranded the event, and pitched it to Rotary. Rotary saw the value and continues to sponsor the street fair.

I would highly recommend Athena. She is compassionate, articulate, and a great problem solver. She works hard and always sees the job through to completion.

Tami Dunn, CRS, SFR, SRES
Managing Broker, REALTOR
Mt. Rainier Realty, LLC Co-Owner


June 29, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of reference for Athena Dean. I have known Athena for almost a decade. My former company, FaithWorks, provided distribution services for WinePress Publishing. Athena served as our liaison with the company.

In working with Athena, I was always impressed with her organizational skills. All communications were quick and to the point. Her follow up skills were excellent. Whenever we needed information on new titles, shipping date, marketing plans, or any other detail, Athena was quick to provide what we needed.

Although we didn’t work with Athena on the publishing and creative side of WinePress, we did see the fruits of her labors. From our perspective, some of the most creative books came to us from Athena and her team at WinePress. I’m sure that this is not only a reflection on her creative and literary skills but also a function of her people management skills.

I believe Athena will make a fine addition to any company.


Larry A. Carpenter
President and CEO
Christian Book Services, LLC.


July 17, 2011

I had the pleasure of working with Athena when she joined the Enumclaw Downtown Partnership (EDP) several years ago. EDP was Enumclaw’s Main Street program and was formed to revitalize Enumclaw’s historic downtown. The organization was driven by volunteers and Athena played a big part in making EDP successful. She always made herself available for any task that needed to be done.

She is a very kind, thoughtful person who is well respected. She’s enthusiastic, intelligent and has an extraordinary work ethic. She excels in all that she attempts and is not afraid to try something new. She works well with people of all ages and is well qualified in addressing the public, be it one on one or in a group situation.

Athena will be a welcome addition to any workplace.

Peggy Wenham, Owner
Almost Necessities
1602 Cole St.
Enumclaw, WA 98022


June 28, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

It is with please that I write a letter of support on behalf of Athena Dean.

I have had the pleasure to work with Athena in a number of volunteer capacities including as that of a Board Member with the Enumclaw Downtown Partnership, as a member of the Enumclaw Rotary Club and on such specific projects as the Enumclaw community Pickles & Ice Cream Festival and Downtown Dollars program.

I have always enjoyed working on projects with Athena as she is well-organized, self-motivated, creative and understand the role processes take in getting things accomplished. Most importantly, she does what she says she is going to do and follows through on responsibilities in a timely manner.

Athena has a demonstrated sense of civic responsibility. You will often see her involved in and volunteering with a wide range of community projects. She has an ability to bring a variety of businesses, groups and individuals together to work towards a common cause. In addition, Athena is extremely articulate and thoughtful in voicing her opinions and suggestions on issues and subjects of discussions.

If you have any additional questions, pleas feel free to contact me. Athena would be a strong addition to any organization.


Diane L. Anderson
Campus Manager
Green River Community Enumclaw Campus


One Response to “Recommendations for Athena”

  1. I am the Director of PAC-COM Korea Inc, an overseas printing company. I worked on several printing projects with Athena since 2004 when she was at Wine Press Publishing. She was my main contact for negotiating pricing and terms of payment for all printing projects we completed for Wine Press. Most of these projects were high-end and complicated projects.

    Athena has a wonderful, superb people skills and professional integrity which made it very rewarding to work with her on all projects we delivered to Wine Press. She is a true professional, a sincere individual and an honest business partner you can trust and work with. She will be a great asset to any organization she joins.

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