Past President, Northwest Christian Writers’ Association

Served as Treasurer, Vice President, Program Coordinator and President over a nine year period.  Led a small team of other board members to transform a struggling non-profit association to 250+ active members and still growing.

Branded the organization and developed numerous educational opportunities and revenue streams including:

  • Upgrading all marketing materials (brochures, business cards, posters, website, logo, etc.)
  • Expanding Beginning Writer Packet to a full blown book entitled “The Write Start”
  • Providing productive and exciting monthly meetings with relevant content and seasoned speakers
  • Establishing quarterly training events hosting some of the most talented writers and editors in the nation
  • Planning and directing monthly and quarterly training events for the organization, co-directing writers’ cruise
  • Launching an Alaskan writers’ cruise which put the organization “on the map” on a national basis
  • Developing a book and resource table offering writing related books & jewelry
  • Taking over leadership of a well-established annual writers’ conference

Past President, Enumclaw Downtown Partnership

Worked effectively to achieve Main Street goals and see revitalization in our downtown. Lead various committees, then the board as President. Pro-actively assisted our downtown business community through an extensive streetscape in which multiple merchants needed support and tools to survive the construction outside their front door.

A sampling of the different projects implemented is as follows:

  • Spearheaded the publication of a full color magazine entitled “Experience Historic Downtown Enumclaw”. This included writing copy, selling ads, working with design team to produce a beautiful promotional piece for downtown
  • Increased bottom line revenues through grant applications and creative fund raising for various projects
  • Developed and instituted an extensive survey of Enumclaw residents to find out what type of merchants they desired downtown. Overwhelming response indicated the need for an Italian restaurant. This single response gave a local business owner the encouragement he needed to expand his lunch only Panini grill into a full service Italian restaurant claiming the most prestigious location downtown.
  • Brought in well-known Retail Consultant to train local merchants on winning retailing strategies before, during and after streetscape construction
  • Kept organization running during job search for new leadership and transition between executive directors
  • Helped organize and recruit volunteers for committees, local events, and Main Street directives

Member, Rotary International (Enumclaw Chapter)

Most recently served as Public Relations Officer garnering publicity through consistent articles in local newspaper. Also served as Vice President of the Enumclaw Rotary Foundation helping streamline the funding process and fund request processes and forms. In 2006  I initiated and launched the most successful local Rotary event to date, the Enumclaw Street Fair. When the local Chamber decided to drop the annual downtown Sidewalk Sale at the last minute, I picked up the ball and ran with it.

  • Recruited a top-notch event coordinator and together we recreated and rebranded the event, giving it a completely new name, look and feel
  • Presented the event to my local Rotary chapter to consider full naming rights and sponsorship of the event
  • A decision had to be made quickly. This took bringing many diverse opinions together to work through all the issues, pros and cons, of taking on an event like this. Numerous meetings, emails, reports, and verbal presentations occurred over a six week period before the board approved and took it to the club for a vote.
  • The final outcome was buy-in from Rotary, which has continued on as the main sponsor each year since.
  • For the first two years of the event I helped:
    • Recruit event specialists
    • Put together volunteer teams to work the event
    • Bring on sponsors
    • Contract remote radio personalities from KMPS
    • Reported progress to the Board of Directors as well as the club membership and carried out all directives.
    • Oversee the successful implementation of numerous tasks to ensure a great event and significant takeaway for event sponsors

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